Fully Charged: Need for Speed full trailer, 22 hour battery life laptop from Toshiba and Recon’s new Snow 2 HUD

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Need for Speed Movie Full trailer

For all you petrol and motor heads out there, the full trailer for the Need For Speed movie is finally out. The big screen adaptation of EA’s popular racing game is a tale of honour, revenge and redemption… at least that’s what we got from the trailer. We’re sorry we weren’t paying attention to the story line so much as we were looking at the car porn on it. Enjoy!

22 hour battery life on the Toshiba Kira Ultrabook

Having a notebook last you more than 5 hours is great but 22 hours? Now that’s just amazing. According to Toshiba, their new Kira Ultrabook promises just that. The new Dynabook Kira V654 isn’t touch compatible though, and the resolution is 1,366 x 768. If you can’t stand going back to a non-swipe screen, there’s also the Kira V834 which is not only touch ready but also has a higher screen resolution at 2,560 x 1440. Don’t expect the same sort of battery life though as it’ll only manage a measly 14 hours (ok maybe it’s not really measly). Both will be available in Japan come 20th November though we’re not too sure when it’ll hit our area, if at all.

Source: Engadget

Recon Snow 2 HUD

While we wait for the widespread availability of Google glass, other HUD glasses are just chugging along. Recon already has a second version of theirs. The Snow2 is the follow up of the Snow HUD they launched back in 2010 and like the first, is designed to be worn while skiing and snowboarding. This time it’s 3 times faster with 35 percent more battery life.

Some of the stuff that gets tracked include speed, distance travelled, altitude and airtime jumps. There’s also a built in GPS with enabled map use and “real-time buddy tracking” which will tell you where your friends are.

It’s available now for US$400. 


Source: Engadget