Fully Charged: Lego Ghostbusters are official, the hidden treasures of Spotify and the 70mph Little Tikes hot hatch

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It’s official: Ghostbusters Lego is coming

It’s official: Ghostbusters Lego is coming

30 years after Ghostbusters was released, Peter Venkman and chums are finally getting the recognition they deserve: a Lego set. Lego has announced that it’ll be launching a box featuring minifigures of the four Ghostbusters alongside their ECTO-1 ambulance transport.

The set is coming courtesy of Cuusoo, which is basically Lego’s answer to Kickstarter: users can propose Lego sets and, if the public like them enough, they can become official products. Brent Waller’s brainchild for a Ghostbusters package has gained over 10,000 supporters – and Lego had to sit up and take notice.

The final design may vary somewhat from Waller’s vision, but Lego will reveal that – as well as pricing and availability – later in the year.

[Source: Cuusoo blog]

Little Tikes car re-imagined as 70mph adult version

Little Tikes car re-imagined as 70mph adult version

The sight of a Little Tikes pedal car will bring back happy memories for many a British child – but if you catch a glimpse of John Bitmead’s version you may think something is a little off. And rightly so.

Bitmead has built an adult-sized version of the red and yellow coupé. Powered by a petrol engine and equipped with working headlights, an airbag and mirrors, it’s capable of comfortably* transporting two fully-grown men at up to 70mph.

Bitmead spent over 1,000 hours (and £4,000 or approximately RM21,996) realising the car, which he plans to drive from John O’Groats to Lands End for charity.

[Source: BBC News]

* It doesn’t have windows or a windscreen, so comfort may depend on the weather conditions

Forgotify app plays only unheard Spotify songs

Forgotify app plays only unheard Spotify songs

Astoundingly, there are around four million songs in Spotify’s library that have never been listened to. Not even once. That’s around a fifth of all the tracks on there. And a new web app aims to reduce that number.

Forgotify plays Spotify songs that have never been played before. Click its button and your ears will be treated to a virgin tune, a track that has lain dormant and unloved on the service until you came along. We can’t promise the songs you hear will be any good (in fact we strongly suspect they won’t), but you can sleep easy knowing you’re responsible for making some struggling musician’s day (via a royalty payment in the region of 0.00005p).

[Source: TechCrunch]

Dogecoin funding another unlikely Winter Olympian

Mere days after raising the money to send a broke Jamaican bobsleigh team to the Sochi Winter Olympics, the meme-inspired crypto-currency has done it again – this time with Indian luge contender Shiva Keshavan.

The Dogecoin Foundation, in conjunction with Reddit’s Dogecoin community, has raised over US$6,000 (RM20,079) in donations for Keshavan, allowing him to compete in the event. The group is apparently in the process of raising travel funding for two more Indian athletes.

[Source: The Daily Dot]