Fully charged: HP launches new Slate devices, OUYA gets Walking Dead, Nintendo launches the 2DS and Blackberry confirms porting BBM to iOS and Android.

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BBM to potentially hop onto the desktop

As we've heard, the ever popular BlackBerry Messenger service is likely coming to Android and iOS for free by the end of summer, with support for iOS 6 and Android 4.0 and higher.

There’s also been rumours that there might be a desktop version of the app in the works as well and if it does have cross-device compatibility it's quite likely that would be a hit. BlackBerry has only confirmed its plans to infiltrate other mobile devices as of the moment.

 [Source: engadget]

Telltale Gives the OUYA a Zombie infection

Zombies are coming to the OUYA this year end with The Walking Dead (and its 400 Days DLC) releasing on the platform. They didn’t  give a specific date for the release but OUYA owners will get to play the first episode for free before they decide if they want to get the rest. The second season of the game is currently in the works and Telltale has confirmed that we’ll be seeing Clementine in the next instalment.

 [Source: engadget]

A family of 'droids

With the recent Slate family launch we got to see an Android AIO as well as the Slate 7 tablet and Slatebook x2, all on Android 4.2. Not sure what HP is getting at with the new devices but it’s certainly a bold move on their part. The Slate 7 is a slightly dated looking 7-inch tablet which happens to have embedded Beats Audio as its prime selling point, with the SlateBook x2 a 10.1 inch device more for those looking for a versatile machine.

The Slate 7 will be priced from RM499 while the Slatebook x2 will priced from RM1,499.



Now here’s a bit of a shocker: the Nintendo 2DS. No, 1st April hasn’t come early, and this is a real product: a wedge-shaped 3DS minus the 3D capabilities. It’s an entry-level device – the US price will be $130, which is around £85) – with a non-folding design. In most other respects, it’s fairly similar to the 3DS: the screens are the same size and the same cameras are on board. Basically, this is a Nintendo handheld focussed even more on the kid market than the current offerings. It hits the US on 12th October, and while an Asian launch date hasn’t been announced, it’s due to head this way at some point. We’ll be attempting to get our hands on one very soon.