Fully Charged: First iOS 7 game controller is out, and Bob Dylan’s interactive video will make your day

Four top tech stories to chew on while you munch your cornflakes
Moga Power Ace

First iOS 7 game controller now on sale

One of the new features ushered in by iOS 7 is a game controller API, allowing third-party manufacturers to build fully compatible ‘Made for iPhone’ physical add-ons for gaming. And here’s the first to go on sale: the Moga Ace Power.

Available now for US$100 on the US Apple site (it’s not yet on the UK equivalent), the Ace Power works with Lightning-equipped iPhone and iPod Touch models and a handful of supported games. It can also charge your device’s battery.

You can see what TouchArcade made of the controller by watching the hands-on video above. [Source: MacRumors]

The first official video for Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” is totally amazing

Bob Dylan

It’s not often we’d post a music video here, because they’re mostly fairly generic – but you can’t possibly say that about Bob Dylan’s new cut for “Like a Rolling Stone”. Yes, you read that: a new video for a song that was originally released in 1965.

The interactive video was created by digital media company Interlude to coincide with the arrival of Bob Dylan – The Complete Album Collection Volume 1 and Bob Dylan – The Very Best Of, and features a number of familiar faces. We don’t want to reveal too much about it, because you should really experience it ‘fresh’. Watch it here.

Google Glass to “translate the world” in real time

Google Glass to “translate the world” in real time

Fantastic news for globe-trotters planning on buying Google Glass: the wearable device is getting a Word Lens app which, like the existing versions for iOS and Android, will be able to translate foreign text in real time.

You simply look at a sign, menu or similar piece of text (sans-serif fonts like Helvetica work best) and Word Lens will work its magic, displaying the translated text in Glass’ screen. Interestingly, a data connection won’t be necessary thanks to a 10,000-word dictionary being stored in the memory.

The app was built with the new Glass Developer Kit, which was released to developers today. [Source: AllThingsD]

Xbox One’s Twitch gameplay streaming delayed until 2014

If you were looking forward to using the Xbox One’s game broadcasting abilities from day one, you’re in for some disappointing news: Twitch will not be brought to the console until next year.

Microsoft says it’s working to enable Twitch streaming and broadcasting in the first half of 2014, strongly hinting that the functionality isn’t quite battle-ready at present. [Source: Eurogamer]