Fully Charged: FIDO standard paves way for password-less future, standalone HBO Go in April, and Apple TV gets a big update

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Touch ID

FIDO sees password-less future

The old username and password pairing isn’t anywhere near as reliable as it used to be for protecting online accounts. Two-factor verification is a definite step up, but major tech players envision a future in which written passwords aren’t even part of the equation. And yesterday’s launch of FIDO 1.0 is the first big push in that direction.

Remember when Google launched USB key verification for accounts back in October? FIDO - Fast Identification Online - was part of that two-factor initiative, but it has released its first open standard for fully passwordless experiences via fingerprint scanning, and that’ll allow manufacturers to tap into a system that works across all sorts of devices.

Companies like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and many more are behind the FIDO Alliance, whose president Michael Barrett tells The Verge, “We now really are within range of seeing the world changing.” For the future safety of our vital accounts and information, let’s hope so.

[Source: The Verge]

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HBO Go planning standalone launch in April


We heard back in October that HBO was planning to finally offer a standalone version of its streaming service that doesn’t require a cable or satellite service subscription, and now it sounds like that will happen in April. Fortune reports that HBO hopes to have the service ready to go for the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

Getting there has apparently caused a bit of turmoil within the company, however. An internal team was building the tech needed to make the platform happen, but higher-ups decided instead to license streaming tech from Major League Baseball’s MLB Advanced Media. As a result, HBO’s chief technology officer has resigned.

Anyway, long story short, standalone HBO Go and the new season of Game of Thrones are apparently only a few months away, so rejoice at our exciting future ahead of sitting around and watching things.

[Source: Fortune]

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Apple TV update overhauls YouTube

We just found out a little something about the potential motion-controlled future of Apple TV, but what about now? Well, Apple has just updated the set top box with a brand new - and seemingly much improved - version of YouTube, which brings ads but also full access to the service’s extensive library of clips. You’ll also find new channels from UFC, Dailymotion, Fusion, and Conde Nast’s The Scene.

[Source: Recode]

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First Sunset Overdrive story add-on out soon

Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One is an absolute blast, and it’s about to get even bigger: The Mystery of Mooil Rig is the first campaign add-on for the game, and it brings a huge new area to play in, along with missions, weapons, and new water-centric maneuvers. It’s priced at US$9.99 (about £6) and due out on 23 December, although if you bought the Season Pass, you’re already covered on the purchase.

[Source: YouTube]

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