Fully Charged: Damson's teensy Bluetooth stereo speakers, Chromecast's new app and watch a drone crash in Manhattan

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Damson Jet speakers

Damson Jet: tiny, ingenious stereo Bluetooth speakers

British brand Damson has just launched Jet, a pair of speakers that it describes as a “world first” – because its pair of palm-sized, can-shaped speakers can deliver a true stereo image from your Bluetooth-connected phone. Most speakers of this sort deliver music in mono even when daisychained, but Damson claims you get true two-channel audio through the Jets.

They work by combining audio from a traditional driver with 'Incisor Diffusion Technology', which was originally employed to rescue stricken submariners at sea (yes, really). This turns the surface on which they’re sitting into a speaker, which increases bass depth, and NFC should make for simple pairing with compatible smartphones and tablets. [Source: Damson Audio]

Hulu Plus arrives on Google Chromecast

Hulu Plus arrives on Google Chromecast

The Chromecast, Google’s clever TV streaming dongle, has just got its third native app. Supplementing the Netflix and YouTube apps from today is Hulu Plus, allowing US subscribers to the TV service to “cast” shows like Parks & Recreation, Jimmy Kimmel, Doctor Who and The Mindy Project from a mobile device or computer to a TV screen. Sadly, the Chromecast is still yet to be confirmed for a Malaysian launch, but we’re hopeful that Google will see fit to bring it across the Pacific at some point next year. [Source: Hulu]

Video: tiny drone crashes in New York City

Phantom quadcopter

Tiny, GoPro camera-equipped consumer drones (or more accurately UAVs) are an increasingly common sight in the skies over major cities, as users have found them to be a simple and relatively affordable way of recording stunning aerial footage.

One such UAV met with a sticky end this week in Manhattan, as it crashed into a building near Grand Central Station and plummeted around 20-30 stories to the pavement. ABC News, which reports that the quadcopter narrowly missed a commuter, obtained video footage from the doomed flight. You can watch it here. [Source: The Verge]

Amstel: remain still for three minutes, get a free beer

Amstel: remain still for three minutes, get a free beer

How far would you go for a free can of beer? Amstel recently tested people’s limits in Sofia, Bulgaria, by setting up the Amstel Pause experience. This custom vending machine asks you to push a red button then stand completely still for three minutes. A motion sensor makes sure you don’t budge, resetting th timer if you do. At the end of your time, you’ll be rewarded with a can of lager. “We’ve seen plenty of advertising installations that ask people to do all kinds of stuff," said a rep from Next, the creative agency that set up the machine. “We decided that it would be amusing to create an installation that makes people do nothing.” [Source: Fast Company]