Fully Charged: Clearest iPhone 5C leak photos yet, Instagram lets you upload videos and iOS 7 is tracking your every move

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iPhone 5C

Here are lots of iPhone 5C pics… maybe

Serial product leaker Sonny Dickson has posted a gallery full of what he claims are iPhone 5C casing pictures on his website. The white plastic outer shell appears to be in line from previous leaked shots of the 5C, which suggests they’re legit. But as always, we’re taking it all with a pinch of salt. [Source: sonnydickson.com]

Instagram update adds photo straightening and video importing


Instagram has been updated to version 4.1, which ushers in a host of new features. The two most interesting are one-touch photo straightening (only in iOS for now) which lets you fix those skew-whiff horizons, and video importing, which allows you to load up videos taken using other apps and devices – as long as they’re 15 seconds or less in length. That means you can edit movies before uploading them to Instagram, further distancing the video side of the app from Vine, its chief rival. This move is also expected to make the app much more popular with brands, who can now create professional videos and upload them rather than have to muddle through Instagram’s built-in editing tools. [Source: TechCrunch]

Xbox One’s game clip sharing will only be available to Gold subscribers

Want to make use of the Xbox One’s ability to record and share clips of your greatest gaming feats? You’re going to need an Xbox Live Gold membership. This isn’t exactly surprising news, given that Microsoft has always reserved non-core Xbox functionality – online gaming, Netflix, Last.fm etc. – for its paying subscribers. In fact, without a Gold account your online options are pretty much limited to downloading demos, trailers and paid-for games. You’ll also need a Gold account for other Xbox One features like Skype, OneGuide and SmartMarch. [Source: Xbox.com]

iOS 7 will keep track of everywhere you go – is that creepy?

iOS 7 location tracking

One of the new features introduced in the latest iOS 7 beta update is “Frequent Locations”. Buried in the settings menu, tapping this will show you pretty much everywhere you’ve been since installing the OS, right there on a map. Is that not a little bit creepy? If you can see it, who else is keeping tabs on it? You can, of course, switch the feature off in the privacy settings, but many – possibly most – users are unlikely to even be aware that such a function exists. Apple, to its credit (maybe?), isn’t trying to hide this location tracking, and has confirmed to BuzzFeed that it’s intended as a consumer feature and not something purely for the developers currently beta testing iOS 7. And Apple probably isn’t the only company doing this – Google Now, for instance, is probably keeping tabs on your whereabouts way more often than you think. [Source: BuzzFeed]