Fully Charged: Build your own Iron Throne, Winamp saved from death, and the white Xbox One you’ll never own

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White Xbox One

The beautiful white Xbox One you’ll (probably) never own

If you’re one of the people getting your hands on a day one Xbox One today, you’re probably pretty chuffed – but you might be even more chuffed if it was white rather than standard issue black. This glorious white edition is reserved for Microsoft’s Xbox One team employees only (hence the “I Made This” motto printed on the console and controller).

There are as yet no plans to make a non-black version available to the public, but history suggests other colour options will arrive at some point in the Xbox One’s lifetime. [Source: @thevowel via GameInformer]

Winamp is dead – or is it?

Winamp is dead – or is it?

When AOL announced earlier this week that it would be shutting down Winamp, the veteran software media player it has owned since 1999, it caused a great deal of hand-wringing on the Internet. Winamp was arguably THE music player of the World Wide Web’s late-90s early years, giving 56k modem-using ‘surfers’ a way to listen to tunes they’d illegally obtained from ‘the information superhighway’ long before Windows Media Player and iTunes arrived on the scene.

Back when it took several torturous hours to download an MP3 album, Winamp was king – and to see it headed for the virtual knacker’s yard is a stark reminder that even in the digital world, nothing lasts forever. From January 2014, the llama’s ass would no longer be whipped.

But what’s that? According to reports, Microsoft is currently in talks with AOL with a view to acquiring Winamp (and media streaming Shoutcast, tipped to follow Winamp into oblivion). Quite why it would want to do so is unclear, with Xbox Music seemingly a strong enough performer to stand on its own two feet – but we can’t help but feel our heart leap at the thought of Winamp being saved from the hangman’s noose. [Source: TechCrunch]

HBO Go hits Google Chromecast

Fantastic news for our North America-based readers: HBO Go is the latest video streaming service to get an official app for the Google Chromecast. That means subscribers to the service can ‘cast’ shows such as Game of Thrones, Eastbound & Down and Girls to their TV set in fuss-free style.

To cast, you’ll need an Android or iOS device with the latest edition of the HBO Go app, or alternatively can head to on your computer’s Chrome web browser. [Source: Chrome blog via Wired]

This weekend, why not make your own Iron Throne?

This weekend, why not make your own Iron Throne?

Speaking of Game of Thrones, how’d you like your own Iron Throne at home? If the thought of channelling King Joffrey while you watch Come Dine With Me appeals, head over to Instructables where they’ve just posted a full guide to constructing Westeros’ most renowned, er, chair from a collection of everyday items like a plastic patio chair, foam insulation and duct tape. But make it fast: winter is coming. [Source: Instructables]