Fully Charged: Blockbuster begone, Jar-Jar Binks takes a fall and Facebook loses a hand

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Blockbuster closing its US stores

Bye bye, Blockbuster

Video rental chain Blockbuster has finally succumbed to the inevitable, announcing that it will shutter all of its 300-odd US retail stores by January of next year.

With Netflix and other on demand video services rendering Blockbuster’s bricks and mortar approach outdated – the UK arm of the company went into administration last month – it’s a decision which will come as little surprise. In fact, we suspect some of you may be surprised to know that Blockbuster still had actual physical locations.

As Gizmodo points out, the demise of Blockbuster will be viewed with glee by many but it raises an important issue: what about people who have no access to high-speed broadband, or can’t find a film they want to watch on on-demand services (the example of Raiders of the Lost Ark is given, which you could find in Blockbuster but cannot obtain digitally for less than $45). Their only option may be to buy a physical copy of the film, suggesting that there is still room for some kind of rental service in the market – but Blockbuster’s evidently didn’t fit the bill.

Photo credit: Janus Kohl Andersen

The Jar-Jar Binks deleted scene you’ve been waiting for

The most reviled character in the entire Star Wars series – if not modern cinema – Jar-Jar Binks miraculously made it through the prequel trilogy unharmed. But this ‘deleted scene’ (in reality a fan edit) changes that as the leaden-footed lamebrain gets what he deserves. Watch and enjoy. [Source: Digg]

Facebook Like button loses a hand

Facebook Like button loses a hand

Facebook has redesigned its iconic Like button for the first time – and the ‘thumbs up’ icon has been ditched. It’s now simply a Facebook F icon with the word ‘Like’ next to it in a clean, simple Helvetica-esque typeface. The Like button appears on over 7.5 million websites, and is seen 22 billion times a day. So this is a pretty big deal, we suppose. [Source: The Verge]

Ryse: Son of Rome shown off in new gameplay videos

Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the exclusives aimed at tempting gamers towards Microsoft’s new console, and the company has just posted four videos showing off the action title’s blood-drenched combat and more. Check the first one out above but be warned: it’s gory.