Fully Charged: BlackBerry's Weibo app, RealPlayer Cloud and a motion-tracking manga app

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BlackBerry tries winning over China with Weibo app


The company may be in dire straights now, but BlackBerry is still making an effort. It's recently announced a native Sina Weibo app, a product of its efforts to make nice with local developers.

Why make the effort with Weibo? The Chinese microblogging platform has an estimated 100 million posts daily and it's estimated 30 per cent of China's Internet users have a Weibo account. Now who wouldn't like to tap that market?

[Source: TheNextWeb]

RealPlayer wants to put your video in the cloud

Yes, RealPlayer is still alive and taking on YouTube...sort of. RealPlayer's emphasis is on making uploading and viewing your own videos easy with its SurePlay technology that claims to be able to autoformat any video for any device.

The RealPlayer Cloud app is available for Android, iOS, Roku TV players and it can also be accessed directly through a Web browser. Currently the service has only just launched in the US and Canada with no word when it'll be coming to other territories.

Will this be something to look out for? With a rather limited 2GB of storage space and a fee of US$4.99 (RM16.09) a month for more, it might have a limited appeal in comparison to what YouTube's already offering. But seeing how Internet denizens are embracing Web video (as seen by all the clips on Vine and Instagram), RealPlayer might still have a shot.

[Source: Engadget]


Manga Generator makes you one with your comic

Coolest app of the day has to go to Manga Generator, which uses motion-tracking to insert you into a comic. Created by the Shirai Lab, sensors track a user's movements even up to facial expressions as a real-time "shader" software capture the movements to create a realistic rendition of the person into the comic.

Users can then spice things up with speech bubbles, props, backgrounds and even sound effects. Shirai Lab hopes this technology will be picked up by creators of interactive e-books and other purveyors of digital media, including digital signage makers. Ultra-realistic moving figures on billboard ads? That's kinda scary but at the same time, let's admit it, really cool at the same time.

[Source: PSFK]