Fujifilm's X-M1 arrives on Malaysian shores

Fujifilm's releases another retro styled camera, the XM-1, and it has now hit Malaysian stores
Fujifilm X-M1

The retro styling of Fujifilm's X-series cameras have really pushed the brand's popularity among camera enthusiast. Not letting up they've launched their latest "retro" camera the XM-1 and it's now available in Malaysian stores from RM2,988. 

Change Away

Equipped with a 16.3 megapixel APX-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor, it has the same sensor size as many DSLRs that are currently on the market. It also allows you to change its lens to fit into different situations that it is needed to be in - sharing the same lens family as the X-Pro1/X-E1. All of this in a camera body that is compact and lightweight to carry around, so you can perfor like a pro anywhere. The closest competitior for the would be the Sony NEX-7, which you can read all about it here.

A feature that will make this camera stand out is the fast startup time and autofocus, thanks to the Hi-Speed EXR Processor II. Fujifilm says that you can start it up in 0.5 seconds, and snap your photos right away.

Full Featured

Other notable fetaures includes a tiltable 3 inch screen at the back, built-in WiFi connectivity to transfer photos to your Android or iOS gadget (first for any X camera from Fujifilm), Full HD video recording, and a design that will evoke nolstagia in anyone. Sounds like something Samsung would build - like their NX2000 here.

The X-M1 comes in two colours (silver and black) in two kits - single lens and dual lens kit- with pricing starting from RM 2,988.