Fuhu releasing a giant family-oriented tablet

The Big Tab may be a big draw for big families
Fuhu releasing a giant family-oriented tablet

It's called the Big Tab and it comes in some really big 20-inch and 24-inch full HD variants that are meant to be a centerpiece for your home and your family. In a household with small children and the adults might be spending a little too much time on their devices, the tablet encourages greater interaction between family members – using technology to bring the family together rather than isolate them.

For specs, both tablets run a 15-point capacitative touch screen, Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4 processors and 16 GB of memory. The OS is Android 4.4.4 with Fuhu's Blue Morpho piggybacking. Both tablets also ship with a frame that can double as a kickstand.

Child-protection, built-in

Fuhu releasing a giant family-oriented tablet

The tablet runs in two modes – one for the adults and one for the kids (which is called nabi mode, for some reason). Parent mode is simply the average Android tablet functionality and holds performs as you'd expect the average tablet to. Swipe to the right to pull up Nabi mode which is basically a launcher for all the apps you want your kids to use.

Nabi is the main draw of the tablet, featuring a slew of activities for your kids including several educational games and apps. The Wings Learning System features more than 17,000 lessons in Reading, Writing and Math starting from pre-K. Big Canvas lets your children draw, animate and create or edit videos. A Chore List app lets parents set a list of tasks for their kids to complete, for whatever general purpose parents might need.

Nabi mode is rather robust, featuring video/audio playback capability letting you set appropriate media for your children to view and shipping with age-appropriate Disney and Cartoon Network videos out of the box. It also features classic games like chess and checkers as well as less traditional games like air hockey. Children doing well in the education apps also earn Nabi coins which they can use to purchase games and videos as curated by their parents.

For all that functionality, the Nabi 20” and 24” will ship out at USD$449 and USD$549 respectively.

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[Source: Techcrunch]