Frequent flyers need this portable Apple Watch charger

GoPower Watch tops up your wearable ten times between charges

Got an Apple Watch and like to travel? Better hope you’ve remembered to pack your charging cable, then.

It’s pretty much a given that won’t get through a trip away from home without needing to recharge, but Apple’s extra-long charging adapter isn’t exactly suited to life on the road.

It’s even more of a pain if you’ve wired your cable into a nightstand or watch dock, but thankfully accessory maker Kanex is working on a more portable alternative.

The GoPower Watch is the world’s first portable charger for the Apple Watch, complete with wireless charging plate, so you don’t need to worry about packing extra cables. Just lay your watch onto the charging plate you'll have a fully juiced wearable in no time.

As it’s battery powered, you won’t need to use up a precious power socket - something hotel rooms never have enough of. It’s got enough juice to top up your watch ten times, and once you eventually run it dry you can refuel over microUSB.

There’s even a full-size USB port on the back for giving your iPhone a jolt too - it’s enough for one and a half full charges. That means you can leave your phone’s battery backup at home too. 

The GoPower Watch is set to launch towards the end of April. There’s no confirmed UK price just yet, but you can sign up for updates at the Kanex website. We've already got a pocket in our overnight bag picked out to slip one inside once it lands.