Free App of the Week: Piloteer

Better act fast because the game is free only till 4 February

Folks who've watched The Rocketeer would have though, "Gee, how awesome would it be to strap on a jetpack and fly?"

As ridiculous as it sounds in real life, it stays pretty awesome in reel life. For that matter, you can kind of soar through the air on a jetpack. On your smartphone, that is, with Piloteer.

But if you think it's just a matter of holding and releasing the screen to fly with the jetpack, think again. This game challenges you to the very core of your physics knowledge. Tapping on different ends of the screen will trigger either a forward or reverse thruster on the jetpack. Tap too much on one end and you'll be crashing into the ground.

On the bright side, crashing doesn't mean a game over. You get to re-try as many times as you like. If at first you don't succeed at the goal, try again. Ah yes, goals. This could vary from landing on a certain spot, to keeping yourself in the air and landing anywhere.

So if you're looking to keep your weekend occupied, download Piloteer. We might have neglected to mention this, but it's free on the Apple App Store till 4 February as part of Apple's Free App of the Week. Even if you aren't playing it this weekend, just download and enjoy it later.

Download Piloteer on the Apple App Store