Framed puts your digital art on a canvas

This gesture-controlled display brings animated images to your wall

Wait, I'm getting déjà vu here – I could swear you wrote about this last week… It looks like digital art displays are the next big thing; last week saw the launch of the similar Electric Objects EO1, now rival platform Framed has launched on Kickstarter.

So what does Framed do that's different? The big distinction seems to be gesture control; Framed packs a 720p camera and motion sensors for gesture recognition, plus a mic. That means you'll be able to interact with the Framed UI, and with artworks displayed on the screen, using gesture control and the Framed smartphone app; Framed suggests that artists will be able to create "reactive works" that use motion, sound and gestures.

What's under the hood?Framed comes in three sizes; 24in, 40in and a limited-edition 55in model. All three pack 1080p displays, a quad-core 2.4GHz CPU and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, plus a 720p camera and mic.

That's not that powerful… It doesn't need to be, since its sole purpose is displaying artwork. Framed is designed to be lightweight and minimalist; to fade into the background and allow the art to speak for itself. To that end, it's got a simple walnut frame and a slim profile, at 18mm thick.


So how do I get art onto it? Framed is creating its own art store, accessible through a smartphone app and through the Framed UI; you'll be able to buy graphics, illustration, GIFs, animation and video, and then ping it to your Framed.

How can I get one on my wall?Framed doesn't come cheap; the Kickstarter is currently taking pledges, and you can pick up a 24in display for US$400 (RM1300). If you want a 40in display, the price shoots up to US$1500 (RM4800), while a 55in model will set you back a whopping US$10,000 (RM32,000). Still, that does include dinner with the founders in Tokyo. And on the plus side, it's less than a pickled shark in a tank.

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