Fradio tries to win the streaming wars by letting you play DJ

App lets you not just stream your playlist but add commentary

Streaming services are a dime a dozen these days, but Fradio, by the same company behind Guvera (another streaming service, more Asia-based) is trying to add a new spin to things. Users can create their own streaming playlist to share, but with the added vanity boost of being able to address listeners as they stream. Think of it as being a DJ in a box. Or more like, DJ in a smartphone.

It's a global party in your pocket

What's the big deal about the app besides playing out your secret DJ fantasies? Well, what Fradio is hoping to do is to get actual artists, the big names to get on Fradio and make streaming music work better for them than the current model where they get paid pennies per song play.

Fradio's platform enables a more direct communication with listeners - useful for up-and-coming artists who need the traction and maybe a better use of the streaming model than currently offered by the likes of Spotify and Deezer.

While the app itself is free, there's a Premium option, which we suppose would get rid of adds and allow more functionality.

At the moment the app is only available in the US and Australian App Store as well as limited Google Play storefronts but things could change. You could, instead, try the sister app fo Fradio, Guvera for a spin online.

[Source: Techcrunch]