Fourfang Introduces Venus 1.0 Drone That Solves Problems And Security

The drone doesn't require manpower and is self charging as well.

Smartphones are not the only technology that's been rapidly growing to make our lives easier. Despite some controversial use, drones have also been growing in its capabilities as Fourfang's keynote and demonstration today has shown. 

Fourfang revealed their Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Venus 1.0 with abilities that could help out in the agriculture and industrial sector through its various capabilities such as monitoring crops or doing high altitude long range operations. 

The Venus 1.0 can also be used as a form of security, as it's able to detect threats, alerting you on your smartphone while also following the threats until you give permission to let the person go. Imagine a drone chasing you around if your friend didn't set you as not a threat! 

As the drone is unmanned, the drone is capable of continuous operation with automatic battery swapping that takes only 2 minutes to complete. The battery swapping takes place in an equipped unit with four charging batteries, and the drone will take the one fully charged, while the low battery will remain in the unit to be charged. This swapping will keep happening to keep the drone going 24/7.

You can find out more about the Venus 1.0 on Fourfang's Facebook page.