Fountain brings virtual handymen to your door

Stuck on a DIY job and not sure what to do next? Fountain can help you out
Fountain brings virtual handymen to your door

If you're brave enough to do fix-it jobs at home, you know there's a risk you might get stuck in the middle of a job and have to call in the experts. Now there's an app called that called Fountain, that gives you access not to just one expert but many.

Only caveat, though, is that (of course) the advice isn't free. You have to pay the experts for their time but fortunately the charges don't seem to be too exorbitant. And if it's a really big job, you know you should get someone professional right?

Pay what you can for what you need

How much you pay will depend on the time you need or the type of expertise. The Fountain website said it could vary from US$5 for 10-12 minutes with an interior designer but pay about the same for 12-15 minutes with a gardening or plumbing expert. That might only buy you 7-8 minutes with an architect though.

It's a lot like calling a friend, but having to pay the expert. You will be charged in US$5 increments so perhaps you might not want to be too chatty with the experts.

Since this is the Internet, the calls you make will be video calls and in the call you can even share photos and draw on them to pinpoint where exactly you ran into trouble fixing what seemed like a routine pipe leak.

You can't download the app just yet as it is still in beta. From the looks of it, it's an iOS app with no word yet if it will be developed by Android.  You can still visit the website if you're keen to be a beta tester.

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[Source: PSFK]