Fossil and Intel's first Android Wear watch sure looks like the Moto 360

Complete with the "flat tire" look with the blacked-out portion of a rounded screen [UPDATED]

It might have been a quiet few months on the Android Wear front, but things are starting to get toasty, with a new Moto 360 competitor on the horizon: Intel and watchmaker Fossil have officially launched a trio of smart wristwear.

Intel first showed off the devices during its Developer Forum keynote, including the Q Founder, its classically-styled range-leader. And here's a surprising note: it looks very similar to the Moto 360 at a glance, with the same rounded screen - and, more pressingly, the same "flat tire" effect on the screen.

That's right: Fossil and Intel's smartwatch doesn't use the full screen real estate, instead blacking out a portion of the screen at the very bottom. Motorola did the same thing for the Moto 360, claiming it allowed them to keep the watch body slimmer by storing components behind the black portion, but LG and Samsung have since shown fully circular watches that aren't overbearing in size.

While the partially-circular display invites immediate comparisons to the Moto 360, the build of the watch is closer to the LG Watch Urbane in styling, with big metal lugs and a leather strap attached. And, in this case, it really does have a bit less bulk to the metal frame, so maybe there is some small advantage to killing part of the screen.

Interestingly, Fossil's unveiling also gave the world the Q Reveler and Q Dreamer - two smart bracelets to compliment the Founder - and the step-tracking, movement-motivating Q Grant.

All of the devices rely on Fossil's partner app, as well as being compatible with alternative fitness platforms - so, whilst the lineup is unquestionably style-focussed, they're not lacking in smarts under their sleekly svelte shells.

Without a firm word on hardware specs or display size, it's difficult to know quite who Fossil and Intel are squaring up against (though, visually at least, they're gunning for the likes of Tag Heuer's high-end lug-lugger) - but one thing is clear: luxury, they are.

What's more, they're certainly feeling festive: the Q founder will hit shelves in time for Christmas, in the US at least, for US$275 (RM1,172). The Q Grant, on the other hand, will be priced from US$175 (RM745), and released alongside the Dreamer and Reveler (both US$125, RM533) on 25 October.

Source: Wareable