Forget your fitness tracker with Myzone's calorie counting T-shirt

Smartphone app gets an overhaul too

Don’t bother strapping on a heart rate monitor the next time you head out for a run - MyZone’s pulse-tracking T-shirt can do it instead.

The mens’ compression top was revealed at the Wearable Tech Show at London’s Excel this morning, and joins the womens’ sports bra launched at CES in January.

Electrodes embedded through the shirt connect with the clip-on MYZONE MX-3 module. Once you start working out, it’ll measure your heart rate and calorie burn, sending data to your smartphone or Apple Watch.

MyZone reckons the compression fitting will warm muscles and improve performance, as well as cutting down on strain and soreness - whether you wear it as a base layer or an outer top for the gym.

It’s made from a sweat-proof fabric, so you shouldn’t end up with drenched after a seriously high intensity workout.

Hope you like red though - it’s only available in one colour at launch.

MyZone has given the smartphone companion app a bit of a workout too, with a brand new look that should let you concentrate on your workout, rather than how to dig a setting out of the menus.

It automatically connects to the MZ-3 heart rate belt now, and finally plays nicely with streaming music services. You can pick your favourite service from inside the app, without having to head back to the home screen first.

There’s even some basic social media hidden under all the exercise, so you can chat with other users, post photos and join groups to share training tips.

It should be up for download soon on iOS, with an Android version coming soon. It runs on certain smartwatches and GPS watches as well.

The compression shirt should be going on sale shortly for £79.99 (RM470), in small, medium and large sizes.