Forget smartwatches: LG's patent shows off a smartphone slap bracelet for your wrist

Yes, really

The sharp cracks of slap bracelets could be echoing off the walls once again, if one of LG's uncovered patents is anything to go by.

The South Korean Tech giant isn't done, it seems, with experimenting with curved screens - after releasing the well-received G Flex 2, a new design patent D726,140 ,approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office, has been spotted outlining a rather unusual wrist-wrapping smartphone.

It shows off an unimaginably thin smartphone, that’s capable of being docked onto a bracelet, and wrapped around your wrist. 

Not a lot of technical information is given, such as how the phone actually attaches to the bracelet, but that's the magic of patents after all - they're ideas, minus the technical details that are actually required to kick them off.

As with all patents, there’s a very good chance this will never actually get made, at least not exactly as it's shown here. This design would require flexible electronics and batteries that can withstand long-term flexing, in addition to LG's existing Plastic OLED (POLED) screens, and the technology still isn't there yet.

Still, it certainly gives us an insight into LG’s vision for the smartphone future, and it's definitely one that we can get behind.

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