Forget April Fools' pranks: The Time vs TM social media bustup is more fun

Bring on the popcorn, it's a different kind of fibre internet war

Telekom Malaysia (TM) finally rolled out its own 100Mbps fibre optic broadband plan and of course, Time Internet wasn’t about to be quiet about the former being late to the party.

In a Facebook post, Time said “Well hello, TM Everyone Connects! You're a little late to the party but we're happy to have you anyway!”  It was cheeky and irreverent, but of course whoever was in charge of TM’s own social media wasn’t going to let it go without a fight.

TM’s own social media page for its TM support, Everyone Connects, posted its own reply: “Hi TIME Internet. Thank you! But how to party with you when wherever WE GO there is always NO TIME.” If you’re unsure about what TM is referring to, it’s basically talking about how limited Time’s coverage is and how it is limited to only high-rise buildings and predominantly urban areas. TM, for better or worse, has the largest and widest coverage, where even where it does not have fiber it can offer its Streamyx broadband as an alternative.

Time did not take it lying down, instead firing back that the company had used its own money to invest into its service rollout, unlike TM. “You see, we didn't take RM1.4b of taxpayers' money to pay for fibre rollout like YOU did.” TM is technically a government-linked company thus has a bigger source of funds than privately-held Time.

You would think that would be the end of it but TM fired back: “HSBB is for the NATION…including ALL industry players.” HSBB refers to the High Speed Broadband project undertaken by TM to improve existing network infrastructure in the country.

Enjoy watching as TM and Time fight it out on social media; at least until some manager realises what’s happening and pulls the plug on this online scuffle.

By the way, Maxis upgraded its speed to 100Mbps too.

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