Foldimate is a dream come true for people who really hate folding shirts

US$700 to not fold shirts ever again

A new machine that you can only preorder in 2017 is making the news rounds and you would think it's some new miracle solution. No, it's just the Foldimate. That apparently folds (some of) your clothes for you.

This machine works by letting you affix your shirts or pants to special rails that will then fold your clothes for you. You can also use special capsules that will lessen the wrinkles  in your clothes, though not enough that you won't need to iron them.

Though it seems like a dream come true, the Foldimate does have its limitations. It can handle shirts, pants, skirts but not large items such as bedsheets or oddly-shaped, smaller items such as underwear.

If you're willing to wait around for the machine, just register over at the Foldimate's dedicated site to get an email update whenever the device does show up. It will cost around US$700 to US$850 while its special dewrinkling capsules will cost you from around US$15 to US$40.

[Source: TheNextWeb]