Fly your own X-Wing in Star Wars: Attack Squadron beta

Disney (we're still not used to that) has announced the beta for their first Star Wars game. Time to show off your flying skills

Looks like Disney’s trying to milk the whole Star Wars franchise as much as possible before the new movies come out. Disney Interactive just announced the beta for its first Star Wars game since the acquisition, which puts players in the seat of one of the many iconic Star Wars fighter spacecrafts.

Time to be the best space jock

Called Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, the game is a space combat simulator and the best part? It’s free to play.

So what can we expect? There’ll of course be the main thing all of us would be playing the game for: the opportunity to pilot some of the coolest spacecraft and fighters seen in a sci-fi movie. With free-for-all matches that’ll support up to 16 players, team battles and even a base defence scenario, there’ll be ample opportunities for you to show off just who’s top dog in the galaxy.

There’ll be quite a number of customisation options as well. Players will be able to kit out their X-Wings or Tie Fighters with better weapons, better gear and even their decals.

It’s great that we’re finally seeing the space simulation side of the Star Wars universe getting some attention. Honestly we’re a bit tired of using the force all the time. Give us space dogfights!

The signup for the beta is now open and you can sign up here. Meanwhile, we’ll see you at Sector 1, Red Leader.