Float into space with World View’s balloon-capsule trips

Why settle for exotic continents when you can fly into the stratosphere?
Float into space with World View’s balloon-capsule trips

What’s the portable crematory for? Did somebody die?

What are you saying? This is no machine for turning you into ash, this capsule's attached to a high-altitude balloon that'll take you to the edge of space. And you’ll still be very much alive and breathing within its oxygenated confines. Guess what, there’ll even be a refreshment bar. You don’t usually get such star treatment after death. 

Bah, space tourism is so 2004

Well, Mr Been-there-done-that, we expect that you’re referring to Virgin Galactic’s space flights, or even XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx. But seeing as neither are available yet, you can’t exactly have been there or done anything. 

You got me. Is this any different?

Float into space with World View’s balloon-capsule trips

At US$250,000 (RM809,750) and US$95,000 (RM307,705) respectively for Virgin's and XCOR's offerings, being an amateur astronaut with the other companies sure doesn’t come cheap. But that’s where World View Enterprises has the upper hand. It offers space-floating excursions for a mere US$75,000 (RM242,925).

Will it take us light years?

Thankfully, no, else you’d have to be newborn to sign up for a ride into space. The ascent to 30km and above will take an hour and a half, before reaching the drift point at which you’d hover for two hours gazing into space - literally. 

What happens if I get bored?

Too bad, there’s no escape. You’ll still have to hover in space until time is up, at which point the capsule will detach from the balloon and free-fall into oblivion.

We kid, its parafoil - the ParaWing - will be deployed to gently float you back to earth, much like a dandelion.

Will I live to see this happen?

Purportedly so. The company aims to waft people into space in 2016. It’s not too late, you still have a good two years to save up and compile the ultimate shoegaze/post-rock tracklist to gaze upon the Earth to (we'd leave Explosions in the Sky off it if we were you). Best get on with it.

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