Flickr brings back Pro plan, a rebadged version of its ad-free plan

The new Flickr Pro is nowhere as good as the original

A long time ago, Flickr Pro was one of the best deals on the Internet. For just US$24.95 a year, you had unlimited storage, photo statistics, as many albums as you want and the (once-upon-a-time) coveted Pro badge. You know, for extra online cred. Yahoo scrapped that but it has come back. Sort of.

With Google recently making its photo services totally free (with a 16MB per photo limit), Flickr has been a tough sell for more casual users. Its ad-free option has had users grumbling as well, as they didn't see much of a benefit paying US$5.99 per month just to get rid of ads.

The new Flickr Pro is pretty much the ad-free plan but with the addition of photo statistics, a shiny Flickr Pro badge and for new yearly subscribers, a 20 per cent discount on the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan and free US shipping on Flickr merchandise or 50 per cent off international shipping (US$25 minimum order).

For users lucky enough to still have an old Flickr Pro account, nothing has changed. Expect to be paying double what you're paying in two years' time, but for now you still get to pay the old prices for your very old plan.

[Source: Flickr]