Fixd helps your car tell you when it needs an oil change

You could think of it as fitness tracker for your car or the next best thing to it telling you to go to a mechanic without breaking down
Fixd helps your car tell you when it needs an oil change

Wil Wheaton complains we don't have a flying car yet. Well, we think a talking car would probably be more practical and feasible in the long run (all those flying car accidents, man).

Enter Fixd, a handy device with accompanying app that monitors your car's system and lets you know if stuff needs fixing.

Fixd Automative has some grand, lofty promises for the app which it's currently trying to raise funds for: "We are building FIXD to make your car more accessible to you. We want to take the guess work out of maintaining your car. We want to give you confidence when dealing with repair shops. We want to give you peace of mind over all the cars that you own. We want you to turn to FIXD when you are having car troubles."

Plug-and-play diagnostics

Fixd will apparently work with any car sold in the US since 1996 and needs only to be plugged into the car's OBD-II  (onboard diagnostics port) to work as an 'onboard translator' of sorts. It will check your car's current status and let you know if any problems are detected. If the situation is severe enough, it will even prompt you to stop the car.

What's even cooler? It will even give you an estimate of how much repairs will cost. Bear in mind that since the Fixd is optimised for US users, the estimates might be far-off from what your local mechanic charges.

Another useful thing it does is give you reminders to do the usual maintenance work. Whether it's oil changes or servicing, Fixd will not let you get too busy to tend to your car. Another nice point? It supports multiple vehicles so you can manage the family's pool of cars.

Sadly, despite the novel premise, the Kickstarter campaign isn't exactly a great success at barely US$4,000 of its US$30,000 goal. One likely reason why it's not gaining as much momentum is because it's only shipping in the US.

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