Fitbit's latest wearable puts sleep centre stage

Pulse-taking power in a tiny shell slimmer than a stethoscope

Hey, it's another fit-thing from Fibit!

Yes, this is yet another activity tracking thing made by Fitbit, serial makers of, erm, activity tracking things - but this one is slimmer and smarter than ever before.

So it’s done a GCSE in nutrition, then?

When we say smarter, we mean it’ll track your heart rate. When we say slimmer, we mean it’s 25% slimmer than the Fitbit Charge 2 - which was no fat strap itself. If that’s what a GCSE in nutrition gets you then yes, yes indeed.

*Additional words by Nicholas Yong

Hang about, so the only thing that’s new is a heart-rate tracker?

Pretty much - but don’t be so negative. Wearables only really make sense when they’ve got a pulse reader built-in, so the inclusion of Fitbit’s PurePulse tech on the Alta HR should make it a much more useful device over the original Alta.

It’ll count your calories with greater accuracy for starters, with continuous background tracking that can better optimise feedback and exercise zones. Combined with automatic activity recognition, that makes the Alta HR quite the consumate performer. 

In all honesty, I’m more a ‘nap on the sofa’ type

You really catching up on your zzz, my sleepy friend? Fitbit tells us that Malaysians only get 6.4 hours of sleep on average, with 42% of us admitting lack of sleep affects our health. Yes, staying up all night increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, among other scary stuff. 

If you're all ears, then know that the heart rata data on the Alta HR makes sleep sensing better too. Slap it on before you hit the sack and it’ll use a combination of accelerometer and PurePulse pulse readings  to figure out just how well you’re snoozing, including the stages of sleep you go through - awake, REM, light sleep and deep sleep, each stage important in recovering your body. 

What’s more, it’ll channel the results into a magic mixer with your exercise logs to produce personalised recommendations (or ‘Sleep Insights’) and a solid schedule that’ll have you feeling properly perky.

Is it better than what I'm wearing now?

Check out our full review of the Fitbit Alta HR. If you already own a Fitbit Charge 2 or Fitbit Blaze, Sleep Stages will work with those as well via the Fitbit app. 

Now in Malaysia

The classic trackers in black, blue grey, fuchsia and coral classic wristbands are priced at RM730, or for an extra RM849 you can get special edition bands - a 22k rose gold plated tracker with a soft pink band or a black classic band fitted on a matte gunmetal tracker. These look pretty neat on the wrist. 

Switching between any of the classic bands will cost you RM130 each, or if you prefer leather, Fitibit has you covered in brown, indigo and lavender bands for RM300 each. For a touch of class at your next party, there’s the stainless steel metal bracelet in silver or gold, retailing for RM450 and RM550 respectively. Oh, but these metal bands don’t fit too snug on your wrist, so it may not read your heart rate accurately.