Fitbit tracking its way to more Asian countries in 2015

Fitbit is expanding to many Asian countries, though curiously Malaysia isn't on the list
Fitbit tracking its way to more Asian countries in 2015

Arguably the most well-known of fitness trackers, Fitbit is planning to expand to Asia. The countries it’s targetting are India, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan.

Fitbit is apparently quite serious about the move since it has just hired its first Asia vice-president and general manager, Yolanda Chan.

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Fitbit is already officially in China, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand but has curiously passed over Malaysia.

Chan told the WSJ that she believes the Asian market will contribute in a major way to Fitbit’s global growth and said there would be more aggressive marketing campaigns in the region.

She did concede that the competition in the fitness wearable market is stiff, what with the many local brands in the region creating their own smartbands.

Chan brushed aside any notion of being worried about competition from smartwatches form the likes of Apple and Samsung. She said that smartwatches had inherently different functions – pointing out users are unlikely to wear a smartwatch to bed, in comparison to a smartband.

What else is there to look forward to? Chan said Fitbit is in the midst of negotiations to launch crossover products with fashion designers and lifestyle brands.

Fitbit will have to work hard in Asia to justify the price tag on its wearables, especially considering the more affordable alternatives from Xiaomi and Lenovo.

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[Source: WSJ]