Fitbit Force is all set to fight the Galaxy Gear for a place on your wrist

There's a new fitness band on the block, and it can tell when you're being lazy and not taking the stairs

The list of devices that are battling for a place on your wrist continues to grow: now Fitbit's joining the fray with the Fitbit Force.

Leaked to The Verge, the Fitbit Force will join the Flex as a more premium fitness band, with the added bonus of a built-in altimeter for measuring your altitude and a watch.


The altitude sensor means that the Force will be able to detect when you're going up or down stairs, and you can even check how many flights you've traversed during the day.

Available in black and blue, The Verge's sources believe that the Fitbit Force will be available for US$130 (RM420) in small and large variants. What about those of us with medium-sized wrists?

The Fitbit Force's natural enemies will be the Jawbone UP, Nike Fuelband and Galaxy Gear, all of which rack up your steps and track your fitness, and we're looking forward to see how it fares against its rivals or if it's good-looking enough to make it onto this list. Stay tuned.

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