Fish on Wheels allows pet fish to swim on land

Fish don't have limbs, but that’s not going to stop them from driving
Fish on Wheels allows pet fish to swim on land

A team of Dutch researchers have allowed fish to turn their aquariums into mobile prisons with their Fish on Wheels device.

Fishy driving skills

What sets this tank on wheels apart from other attempts to make fishbowls mobile? A camera that detects the fish's movements and subsequently moves the entire tank in that direction. 

It's quite simple, really. The camera first identifies where the fish is going by recognising the contrast between the fish and its tank, then feeds the information into an Arduino computer control unit via Beagleboard to move the entire setup in the appropriate direction. There’s a two-second lag, but that’s probably insignificant to an animal with no concept of time anyway.

While this means that your pet goldfish gets the run of the house alongside the hamster, it probably also means solitary confinement for Bubbles, as the device is still only intelligent enough to recognise a single fish’s authority.

Want one? You’ll have to wait for its Kickstarter campaign to surface.