First photo of Razer's upcoming phone pops up

UPDATE: Looks like the upcoming Razer phone will be pretty sleek, not that we're surprised

Razer just released a teaser for its latest device and it definitely isn't a keyboard or mouse.

UPDATE 17/10/2017: TechByte's put up a picture allegedly of the latest Razer phone. It looks like there'll be a dual-camera setup, what is probably an LED flash as well as the company's signature snake logo prominently displayed. It also seems to have borrowed quite a few design cues from Nextbit's Robin phone. There's the same sharp rectangular design (no exaggerated curves here) and the volume control buttons can be seen clearly on the device's left side. It looks fairly promising at a first glance but we'll see what else Razer brings to the table Nov 7.





Nextbit reborn

The company had previously purchased Nextbit, a smartphone maker known for its Robin phone - a phone optimised for cloud storage. Razer also killed off customer support for the phone, with no new warranties to be issued. Users still had recourse to software and online forum support until February 2018 however.

It's likely the company killed off support for the Robin to be able to concentrate on its own device.

What is certain is that Razer will be adding its own expertise with gaming hardware to the device. After all, the company has made both laptops and PC accessories geared towards gaming - why wouldn't a phone also reflect that gaming expertise?

The only real question here is the specs. We won't know that until the announcement goes live 1 November so stay tuned until that happens.

UPDATE 13/10/17: GFXBench revealed specs for the device and it looks like it will be flagship-grade. It’ll have a Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 5.7in display of 2560x1440 pixels, with a 16:9 aspect ratio display. It also has 64GB of internal storage.

It will also have a 12MP rear camera with an 8MP front camera and it’s likely to have its own Android custom UI, with the test unit sporting Android 7.1.1 which could change when it goes to official retail.

Biggest question is how Razer is going to differentiate the phone from the other flagships and whether it can justify the assuredly premium pricing. Razer has never been about budget or midrange so Razer fans, prepare for the punishment your wallet will receive in return for you loyalty.

[Source: Razer]