Is this the first official look at the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Samsung Indonesia drops vaguely specific product video

A teaser video seemingly posted to YouTube before its time features Indonesian archer Dellie Threesyadinda and her trusty Galaxy sidekick. This is only significant because the next Samsung flagships are due to show their faces to the world in a matter of days at MWC, and this might very well be it.

She never once comments on the features of the phone, but instead hints at the edgy phone being the perfect partner to help take her to the next level. Aside from that really vague aside, we do get some lingering shots of the smartphone itself and clues into its official features. 

If not for the date the video was posted, you’d easily mistaken the phone for last year’s S6. It looks largely similar to its predecessor. What is unclear is if the rumour about it being a little bigger than its predecessor is true.

We see water resistance/proofiness making a comeback into its specs list, as implied by her lack of urgency in ensuring the phone stays out of the rain. And wireless charging gets a little time in the limelight, too. What we’re most curious about though is whether the microSD slot will be returning as well. 

There's also a teaser site that features certain aspects of the phone being highlighted - most notably low light shooting excellence which is hardly a surprise considering the pedigree of last year's snapper. 

Will the next Samsung flagship hit the bullseye? Or is this all a well-crafted PR ploy to distract us? We’ll just have to wait and see. There’s only a few more days till the big reveal.

Source: Gizmodo