Student claims his iPhone 6 Plus exploded in his pocket

No indication if this is an isolated case or cause for concern

Another day, another phone explodes. Surprise: it's not a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but an iPhone 7.

Exploding phone in transit

A Reddit user says his co-worker ordered an iPhone and then received it in an unusable, charred condition.

The thing is, said user isn't even the owner of the phone but says it belongs to a co-worker. While it arrived in burnt condition, with burn marks clearly visible on the packaging, but the box is also noticeably torn on the sides.

Obviously something happened in transit to the phone but if it was turned off, how did it explode? If it was in a box, how hot must it have been to cause a dormant, unplugged battery to ignite (if the battery was the cause here)?

While the phone arrived in said condition, no one actually witnessed the phone exploding. How could the phone have gone boom in transit without the courier (UPS) not noticing? Wouldn't there have been a smell? Or was the packaging around it too airtight for smells to escape? It's all slightly confusing.

There are too many questions about this incident, which is the first to be reported so far thus it is too soon to say whether this will also be a fiery problem for Apple.

Good news is that AT&T who provided the iPhone will be replacing the faulty unit soonest. 

However, there have been cases of phones exploding which had nothing to do with the model but was an, ahem, user problem. This was when two passengers on separate Qantas flights dropped their phones in the cracks of their business class seats, crushing said phones. Phones were crushed, fires resulted.

So for the moment, your iPhone 7 looks like a safe proposition. Just, maybe, don't use it while charging, perhaps? 

UPDATE: A student at Rowan College in Burlington County in the US claims his phone burned up while in his back pocket. This, despite the phone being turned off and the battery being drained.

The student, Darin Hlavaty, says the phone was only six months old and had a small crack. He didn't think that crack had anything to do with the explosion, however.

His school confirmed that public safety had been called for the fire, but the fire had been out before public safety arrived.

Apple has confirmed it is investigating the matter. The phone being an older model, this again could be an isolated incident so, no, Apple iPhones are not the new smartphone bombs.

[Source: BGR]