Fingerprint scanner rumoured for gigantic HTC One Max

Seems like everyone wants one now that Apple has added a fancy-smancy print reader on its home button
Fingerprint scanner rumoured for gigantic HTC One Max

Leave it to Apple to implement something before it takes off. Case in point - a rumoured fingerprint sensor might appear on the HTC One Max, the Taiwanese firm's upcoming phablet. The image above was shared on Chinese social network Sina Weibo and shows a scanner sitting between the device’s SIM slot and its camera.

Meanwhile, Verizon staff have reportedly confirmed the existence of the sensor during their training sessionsWhile Apple's implementation of the scanner was for phone unlocking and apps purchase authorisation, details surrounding HTC One Max's fingerprint reader is still a mystery. Our money's on data and screen locking. 

For the HTC One Max, it's probably not a copycat case, given how product features are planned a year ahead. But Apple wasn't exactly the first to introduce fingerprint scanning, and neither will the HTC One Max be the last device to do so. Let's toss a few more names (Samsung, Sony Mobile, LG) into the hat and see who's next.

Source: Sina Weibo via The Verge