Finally you can build your own Ferrari F40 (out of Lego)

Now you can own this classic without a remortgage or selling your kidney

Oh mighty Master Builders, there is a new Lego schematics that you can now acquire and build, a hot and smoking Ferrari F40 which will be coming later this year.

The Lego set encompasses the sports car very well with 1,158 pieces to build your own from scratch. The detail put into producing a set like this is truly one of Lego’s best as not only does the model have working doors and wheels but there are other specific mechanical functions too like the flip-up headlights.

What’s more is that even the 2.9 litre V8 engine block is an exact replica that you will have fun building from scratch. When your car is done, you can still pop up the rear car boot and admire your handiwork. The level of detail is so fine that even the steering wheels and the seats are designed exactly like the real car and even the front luggage compartment has a pair of tool kits in there.

If you don’t like the Ferarri you can always mash them up with some other car Lego models to make a sports car robot. Right, Master Builder? Fully assembled, the car will be 5-inches length and 3-inches in height. On 1 August, you can buy this Lego masterpiece for US$90 (RM340), though VIP Lego members will get first dibs end of July.

[source : Digitaltrends