Finally, Cyanogen for Lollipop is here

OnePlus One users are first to get the fresh update

The long awaited Lollipop release of Cyanogen is finally here, and it seems it is going to be available for the OnePlus One first before it becomes available for other android devices.

Officially called Cyanogen 12, it is the latest release for one of the most popular alternative Android builds or custom mods out there. Cyanogen 12 brings to the table a new App Themer feature that allows you change and edit the layout and style of your device system wide, even third party apps. Full Material language is included in this update

As part of its partnership with Boxer, the new build from Cyanogen also includes the company’s own email service. There is only one problem though, the update did not include tweaks and fixes found in Google’s recently released version of Android 5.1, but fret not, they are in the works. Nevertheless, the OS has implemented a lot of customisation options for Android users, so here’s to you lucky OnePlus One users.

Here's a link to the latest Cyanogen builds so you can prepare for your own update.

[Source: TNW]