Final nail in IE's coffin as Microsoft confirms browser won't run on Spartan's engine

At first it seemed that Microsoft would attempt a dual-browser strategy but it looks like the clock is ticking.

It's been rumoured that Microsoft is finally giving up on Internext Explorer. It looks like that might be the case now Microsoft's announced that its new browsing engine, Project Spartan, would not be powering Internet Explorer 11.

Spartan's project manager Kyle Pflug said that IE 11 would not be running Spartan as that would mean "compatibility implications" for the browser when it ran on Windows 10.


Still, Windows 10 will ship with two browsers - Spartan and IE. IE 11 will apparently remain fundamentally unchanged from Windows 8.1, which means updates have likely been halted, besides the odd security fixes.

IE 11 will probably still be an option for Windows users who need to visit legacy sites. There are concerns, though, that the move to Spartan would not be smooth as it does not support many quirks old Internet Explorer websites have, such as Active Browser controls.

Still, it might be a good step forward for Microsoft to finally have a website that complied to standards instead of encouraging the creation of websites that would only run properly on one browser. Now the next question is, will Spartan finally allow Microsoft to again dominate the Internet.

[Source: The Register]