Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay footage shows off dramatic overhaul

New trailer at PlayStation Experience offers a real glimpse at the fresh start

When Square Enix announced the long-demanded Final Fantasy VII Remake at Sony's E3 press conference this summer, fans responded with cheers and (happy) tears alike. But it was just a tease of things to come.

Luckily, we didn't have to wait too long to see the real thing in action. Today, at the second annual PlayStation Experience fan convention in San Francisco, Sony and Square Enix debuted a new trailer that shows actual gameplay footage, not to mention a glimpse at more characters with English voice acting already implemented.

You can catch the clip above, and you really should: it's a massive sword strike to the nostalgic sweet spots of fans, maintaining the atmosphere and familiar moments of the seminal 1997 role-playing game while embracing modern technology. It also has an updated visual style reminiscent of the still-upcoming Final Fantasy XV, not to mention a less static-looking combat system.

While the trailer offers a nice look at what to expect, all of this action is probably from the first couple hours of the game, if the original approach remains intact - and Final Fantasy VII is a massive game. We'll be lucky to see it in 2017, most likely, which would be ideal timing for the 20th anniversary. And as the trailer mentions, it'll arrive first on PlayStation 4, although other platforms are planned.

Another special bonus for PS4 players: the original Final Fantasy VII was just released for the system on the PlayStation Store, so you can pour dozens of hours into the PSone classic... before eventually doing the same with the Remake. Nice.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]