Filters is an Instagrammer's dream app

Go filter-crazy for less than US$1, perfect for those bored of Instagram's options

It's yet another photo app on the Web, right after Instagram released its own collage app. But if you love Instagram, this might be worth saving some space on your phone for as it's all about photo filters and the name of the app? Filters.

500 filters to keep you busy

With a whopping 500 filters in five categories (vintage, monochromatic, dramatic, cool and warm), there's no worry about being bored or using the same filter all the time.

Besides the filters, the app also has over 300 different overlays to choose from as well as the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, exporsure, saturation and colour temperature. It also includes what it calls multi-effect adjustments: shine, luna, intimidate, colour boost and smart fade to add "drama, vibrancy or the perfect retro look" according to the app description.

Considering it's only US$1.00, the app sounds like a steal, so recommend it to the filter or Insta-junkie in your life. Maybe it's you. You can download it from the App Store now, sorry Android peeps but it's iOS-only.

[Source: TheNextWeb]