Fight the duckfaces with Pic Nix's Instagram intervention

Think your friend takes too many selfies? Tired of really badly taken food photos? Let your friends know anonymously
Fight the duckfaces with Pic Nix's Instagram intervention

When you dread opening your Instagram feed because your friend posted at least twenty different photos of him at the wheel in the last five minutes, Pic Nix might just be your saviour.

While the more well-adjusted of us would just have a quiet word with said friend, Pic Nix lets you avoid confrontation and instead anonymously tell your friend his Instagrams are getting old really quickly before another terrible selfie is posted.

What's even better is that Pic Nix is made possible by a robot. You go to the site, choose a photo to submit and the robot submits your (absolutely non-incriminating) photo for you.

No interns suffered for this app

Fight the duckfaces with Pic Nix's Instagram intervention

Why the robot? Instagram's API structure doesn't allow third-party applications to publish photos. So photos could only be submitted to Instagram from Instagram, but A&G Labs had no time for that and mulled hiring interns.

But a genius idea developed instead - why not have a robot do it? Thus SILENT B.O.B. was created to publish the photos in real time, 24 hours a day without the need for a suffering intern. A&G created its own custom Instagram post API and its robot would then provide input.

The custom application that controls the robot and a Bluetooth keyboard receives posts, where the robot then taps coordinates on the iPhone to simulate a user posting on Instagram while the Bluetooth keyboard 'types' in an image caption. Each post takes only two minutes or so to create and the A&G crew has even posted a technical schematic for you to see just how they manage it.

You can also choose to follow the app on Instagram for more passive-aggressive satisfaction. Or why not just send your friend a link to our guide to taking better Instagram pics? Much more subtle and less likely to cause friend-breakups.

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