FCC okays Roomba maker's robot lawn mower plans

This is (almost) better than a flying car

Yes, this story has been going on for almost a decade about iRobot building a lawn mower and today is a special day as the FCC has given iRobot the green light to build the lawn bot.

We dont have much details on the specs, but according to Reuters, the mower will be wirelessly connected to stakes in the ground, that map out the lawn and the bot's directions on where it should cut. There was an argument from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory stating that the mower's signal could interfere with telescopes, but the FCC sided with the company.

We may not be able to get our hands on the mower anytime soon, but it is good to know that someday we can just let the robots mow the lawn, while we kick back with a drink. And hope it doesn't accidentally cut the petunias.

[source : TheVerge]