Fan cuts Hobbit trilogy into the one film it should have been

More dwarves! Less elves! No more gag-inducing unnecessary love subplot!
Fan cuts Hobbit trilogy into the one film it should have been

Fans who actually read The Hobbit have probably wondered how a really short children's book could have been turned into three films, expanded like butter stretched over too much bread. One fan has decided to trim all the footage into a mere four hours or so (if you don't count the really long credit sequence).

If you sat through the three films and were left wondering why you bothered, then at least this version will take the best bits and make as if all the annoying parts never happened - like that annoying, unnecessary love story between the elf Tauriel and the dwarf Kili that wasn't even in the books.

All the battles, none of the schlock

Fan cuts Hobbit trilogy into the one film it should have been

The anonymous fan who goes by the moniker tolkieneditor has cut out quite a lot of extraneous material, though leaving in pivotal sequences featuring Martin Freeman saying they proved to be "excellent adaptations" and "serve to refocus the film" on Bilbo's arc".

What's not in the cut? The aforementioned love sideplot, the prelude, the Dol Guldur subplot that had Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel appear, several scenes from Laketown and most filler sequences.

As for the action sequences, they've been tightened up while removing extraneous orc skirmishes.

Tolkieneditor has made the low-res version of his cut available on his website, saying he'll make the higher quality one available if there's enough demand for it.

Since it's highly unlikely Peter Jackson would let this be sold as the definitive version, let's hope the high-definition rendition comes out soon. In the meantime, ready up the popcorn to watch The Hobbit as it should have been - with more dwarves, more hobbits and less "who the heck is this person and why is he/she even in the film?"

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