Fan completes crowdfunded Batman suit

Next, when will we see the Batman utility belt?

In February earlier this year, an armoured Batman suit was featured on Kickstarter. What was amazing was that the suit could literally take a beating, so you could kick, punch and also stab the suit and the wearer will still be safe and sound. Jackson Gordon has finished his suit and it looks pretty impressive.


Fan dreams made real

Gordon's suit weighs a pretty heavy 25lbs. The usability of the suit is due to the design of it, with the armour going beyond just sticking metal plates. Gordon designed the suit to be able to withstand a beating and yet still be able to stand straight and return the favour.

This is because the suit was designed with the Batman suit from Christopher Nolan’s movies in mind, which can absorb and disperse the impact of hits across the suit. Watch the video to see how nifty the armour is though we wouldn't recommend you actually going around trying to kick criminal behind in it.

[Source: Kotaku]