Fallout 4 cars are coming to Forza 6

Put your pedal to the metal in a post-apocalyptic pickup

Fallout 4’s 10 November release date just too far away? Fear not: the gaming gurus at Xbox have revealed that Forza Motorsport 6 owners will be gifted an exclusive Fallout-themed Ford F100 truck, complete with Pip-Boy get-up.

Still disappointed about missing out on a full-size Pip-Boy replica, and don’t have an Apple Watch to transform into one? This could be the next best thing, as you tear up the track in an appropriately battered 50s wagon, complete with gleaming white rims and wooden ‘gate.

Post-apocalyptic country chic not your thing? Xbox has more good news: apparently fast-paced Forza players will, for a limited time, also get to floor it in a “super sleek Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe.”

Whilst this might sound like a titillating tie-up, it may also be the death knell for dreams of driveable vehicles in Fallout 4. According to Bethesda’s Game Director Todd Howard, “Everyone asks us if you can drive the cars in Fallout 4, and now we say yes - in Forza, our favourite racing game.” Boo.

Still, something is normally better than nothing, especially if that four-wheeled something comes in rust-tinted baby blue and Vault-tec branding - though there’s no word yet on how the honky-tonk truck happens to handle.

Prefer your retrofuturistic racing on a PS4? Bad luck: this is an Xbox-exclusive arrangement, meaning no meltdown motors in Project Cars.

Not into nuclear runarounds at all? Until the latest Fallout franchise’s fun-fest hits shelves next week, you can sate yourself with our preview - it’s more entertaining than a uranium-proof concrete vault, if not as good for your health.