Facebook's new Watch feature is all about video

The new feature will offer original content and give you more reason to be distracted by Facebook

As if a lot of us don't already live on Facebook, the service is now introducing a new feature: Watch. Think of it as YouTube, but just within Facebook itself.

Episodic distractions

The platform will be serving up content in episodic formats, personalised according to users - helping them discover new shows, based on what their communities and friends are watching.

It's organised via sections, such as what your friends are watching, what's making people laugh (basically the most people using that 'Haha' like button) and what's most talked about (getting the most comments, we're guessing).

While it will be launched in the US first, expect it to be launched elsewhere as well. As far as new shows go, Facebook shared a list of upcoming programming - life coach Gabby Bernstein for instance will be sharing both live and recorded episodes. Nas Daily will feature daily shows created in conjunction with fans all over the world, and Kitchen Little will be about kids trying their hand at recipes.

For content creators, the new service will be rolled out to a select number of publishers before being made available to more people. Until it comes around to this side of the world, just expect Facebook to slowly roll out Watch to desktop, mobile as well as its TV apps.

[Source: Facebook]