Another Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Outage Resolved, So What Caused This One?

Users can now finally post their selfies to express dissatisfaction on those platforms

If you’ve noticed that your photos of cats or clever memes weren’t loading properly on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp yesterday evening, you’re not alone. Yeap, yet another outage from these three.

According to DownDetector, a site that monitors website and app issues, the outage started around 8pm local time yesterday across all Facebook owned platforms and persisted for hours until it was finally resolved almost 9 hours later.

The widespread outage affected images and videos on the aforementioned platforms, where some people have reported having difficulties loading images on Facebook News Feed, viewing Stories on Instagram, and even sending messages on WhatsApp. So what caused this 9-hour worth of grief and despair?

Earlier this morning, Facebook posted on its official Facebook Business account on Twitter saying that an issue was triggered during their routine maintenance operations which caused the outage. Typical.

Hours later, the company then followed up by stating that the issue has been resolved and issued an apology for the inconvenience to users and businesses affected during the outage. Shortly after, Instagram also tweeted that their services have been restored, and users also reported that Whatsapp no longer has issues delivering messages or multimedia.

Right. Everything is back to normal now. So happy image and video posting as per usual, everyone! And happy 4th of July to any US citizens stumbling upon our website and social media too!