Facebook unfolds new content reader app Paper

Flipboard might want to watch out. Looks like Facebook is muscling into its territory

Not happy with the look of Facebook’s feeds? Facebook now gives you a ‘prettier’ way to read your friends' status updates with their new content reader app Paper. 

Flipboard competitor

What Paper does is basically push your Facebook News Feed onto an easy-on-the-eyes UI. It’ll also push excerpts from Time and a few other well-known publications. The app sounds pretty familiar, doesn't it? That’s because Paper seems to function similarly to another content aggregator with an equally attractive UI - Flipboard.

But Paper doesn't only aggregate your news feed and selected content.  According to a report by Geektimeit will also be pushing out graphic and link-based content from Facebook advertisers as well.

Paper is the first product to be pushed out by Facebook’s Creative Labs and the new reader should be out in the US today on iOS. 

Source: Facebook