Facebook rolls out new feature that lets you save a post for later reading

Finally, you can put aside those cat videos for when you get off work
Facebook rolls out new save feature

In the next couple of days, you might notice a new option on your Facebook feed. The company seems to understand that keeping up with your feed could be its own day job. Therefore, Save. Check the drop-down menu by the corner of each item on your stream.

It’s very easy to use. Save will segregate items of your choice into a list and group them appropriately by stories, links or places for example. The feature, of course, is synchronised through both browser and mobile versions of Facebook so you can imagine its intended use.

Offline wasting of time

Facebook rolls out new save feature

Stand in line for coffee or for lunch; scroll feverishly through your feed and save stories of interest. You won’t need to open links for your phone browser to keep or hurry an urgent note to check out a restaurant your friend is raving about. Just Save it. Later, on the train ride home or waiting for take-out, just pull it up and explore the Saved items in your own time.

The feature comes two years after Facebook acquired the startup Spool that created the first read-it-later that could handle all forms of content, not just text. Facebook began testing an in-house Save feature around 2012 and rolled out a version rather similar to its current iteration in March of this year.

Unlike Instapaper or Pocket, Save won’t cache any items you save for offline perusal. The feature also runs the risk of being forgotten under the mountain of other features by the average Facebooker. On the mobile app, Save will be grouped under the “More” section of the sidebar, next to the buried “Nearby Places” and “Nearby Friends”.

Unfortunately, to that end, Facebook is planning to roll out (yet another) intermittent notification to remind you of items in your Saved list.

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[Source: The Verge]