Facebook Is Restructuring Their News Feed To Combat Fake News

A dedicated news tab is on the way.

In a single day, how often do you see fake news being shared by your family and friends on Facebook? How many times a day does your Grandma share some news about toxic fruits in supermarkets? Well, Facebook knows that this is happening, and are now taking some steps to combat this.


In an effort to revitalise the way we receive news and to combat the rampant spreading of fake news on their platform, Facebook is looking to restructure their platform by signing licensing deals with major news publishers. This was revealed by The Wall Street Journal, who also revealed that Facebook is looking to approach ABC News, Bloomberg, and The Washington Post.


Inline with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s statement he made on Facebook, where he mentions that a dedicated news tab should be made, we can now confirm that this feature for the platform is coming, as confirmed by CNBC. With the licensees in place, Facebook will soon be able to share and repost topical news from the licensed news publishers, onto the new dedicated tab to Facebook users. 


If everything comes into place, this feature will be coming to Facebook this fall, hopefully with a worldwide release. It’s about time Facebook regulates the quality of news being shared on their platform.